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About us

What Does CT Fine Teas Stand For?

CT Fine Teas strives to elevate the lives of over 5000 farming families by ensuring the profits are
directly beneficial to them, without the interference of intermediaries. With CT, each cuppa you enjoy
makes one more farmer happier.

Our Teas

CT brings you golden brews, each complete with its own unique flavour, aroma and characteristics
hailing from the Gardens of Nildiya Valley, Derangala Hills and Cee Tee Hills. In addition, we also
offer a wide range of Ceylon Regional Teas, Classic Teas and Organic Teas.

We eliminate the traders and ensure that 70% of the proceeds from our processing centres are directly shared with the farmers that pluck the tea. The ‘Ran Dalu’ (Gold Leaf) scheme nsures fairness and guarantees high quality leaf suppliers a premium price for the leaf. We provide living wages and dependable sustainability to our farmers and ensure they earn an above average income, which increases their quality of life. Seminars and workshops are conducted to educate farmers on good agricultural practices to further their profitability.

The CT Foundation aims to help our famers and their families through several schemes from providing yearly medical camps and cataract surgeries to an inhouse library and child scholarship programs.

Children Scholarship Programmes
Yearly health benefits

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