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Our Story

The A-Z of CT Fine Tea’s Intriguing Story

With over 5000 farming families contributing to CT Fine Teas, our farmers gather fresh leaves everyday before they are either dropped off at our factories by 4pm or collected from the collection lorries that pass their homes every day.

The beginning is the farmer

Did you know, we collect approximately 10-12 tonnes of fresh green leaves, every day, in our factories for production?

Hand picked tea is quality controlled

We need to ensure only the best tea flush is used to make our teas. After the leaves are transported to our factory, they are checked for quality by our quality controllers.

Did you know that this process ensures that the only the two leaves and bud is taken to make the finest cup of tea?

The Process

Once the leaves pass through QC, they go through the process of withering; which slowly loosens the moisture within the leaves. An overnight process of withering alters the physical and chemical compounds of the tea.

Over withering can be fatal to the flavour and aroma of the tea, therefore we carefully monitor it hourly throughout the night.

Rolling, Fermenting & Baking

The withered leaves are then rolled, which causes the cells to be broken, releasing enzymes, bringing them in contact with air so that the process of fermentation can commence. When the perfect amount of aeration occurs, the leaf is baked.

Did you know that under-aerated tea can taste raw and green, while over aerated tea can be soft and tasteless? Our secret to manufacturing the perfect tea lies in acquiring the perfect balance.

"Did you know that it takes 2000 carefully hand-plucked tea leaves to make just 1 pound of finished tea?"

Grading and Sorting

Once the leaves are baked, they are sifted in order to sort through different grades which are based according to the sizes of the leaf.

Handpicked and freshly sorted
Quality checked
Baked, Rolled, Fermented
Graded & Sorted Before Packed

Tea Collection