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How exactly was your tea made?

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Over 5000 farming families with gardens located around our factories procure their harvest for our teas. Our processing centres ensure that 70% of its income is shared directly with our farmers

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After the leaves are transported to our factory, the leaves are checked for quality by our quality controllers, where only the best leaves are used to manufacture our tea.



An overnight process of withering the leaves takes place, after which the leaves are rolled and fermented. When the perfect amount of aeration occurs, the leaves are baked.

Grading and


The baked leaves are then sifted to sort them into different grades which are based according to the sizes of the leaf.

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CT Fine Teas

The Ceylon’s First Traceable Tea

The landscaped gardens of Derangala Hills, Nildiya Valley and Cee Tee Hills are located in the southern regions of Sri Lanka, producing tea of varying aromas and characteristics. CT Fine Tea gathers tea from farming families located within these gardens.

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