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Cee Tee Hills

Distinctly Unique Low Grown Leaf Tea

Strong and malty, full-bodied and packed with a flavour that’s simply irresistible and unique, enjoy
pure Ceylon black tea gathered from Cee Tee Hills.

“Single Estate, Pure Ceylon Black Leaf Tea. Flavourful, Strong, Malty and Full Bodied.”


Owing to the wet climate of Cee Tee Hills, this tea flaunts a uniquely strong, malty characteristic.
When brewed, it effuses a full-bodied, burgundy liquor.

Caffeine LevelMedium / Strong
TemperatureH28 / L19


Located on the border of the Sinharaja Rainforest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere
Reserve, Cee Tee Hills is one of the best, modern Orthodox and CTC (Cut, Tear and Curl) factories in
South Asia producing original teas. The handpicked teas get their unique characteristics from the rich
soil and weather of the nearby virgin rainforest.

How To Brew Your Tea

Use freshly boiled water
3-5 minutes
95˚C – 100˚C
1 teaspoon (approx 2.5g) per person

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