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Mid Grown, Intensely Full-Bodied Teas.

Refreshingly delicate, the famed ancient Kandyan kingdom produces a strong tea that’s unique to the
region it grows in.

“Pure Ceylon Black Tea from the Kandy Region is Full Bodied, Smooth and Rich in Flavour.”


Kandyan teas are full bodied, strong, and rich in taste. When brewed, the tea is a bright infusion with
a coppery tone.

StrengthMedium / Strong
Caffeine LevelHigh
TemperatureH32 / L19


Mid-grown teas with varying elevations between 2000-4000 ft above sea level, the estates in Nilambe,
Gampola, Hewaheta, Hantane and Pussellawa make up the Kandyan tea-growing region.

How To Brew Your Tea

Use freshly boiled water
3-5 minutes
95˚C – 100˚C
1 teaspoon (approx 2.5g) per person

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