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Trace your tea

The Farmer’s Story

Trace your tea right back to the garden it was grown in and find out all about the farmers who tended to it with the utmost care.

The Farmer Geetha

Rani Dissanayake

Geetha Rani Dissanayake owns 2 acres of lush tea land and has been plucking fresh green leaves and supplying it to the Derangala Hills tea factory since 1992.

Family members : Two
Children : None
Location : Derangala Hills

Where it all begins

Geetha Rani’s house and garden is located in Athu Ela, bordering the beautiful Derangala Hills tea factory in the southern region of Sri Lanka. Having contributed more than 20 years of her life to us, she collects around 400kgs of raw green leaves every day. With an average income of 40,000 a month, Geetha Rani was able to build her own house and live a good, comfortable life together with her husband.

LocationDerangala Hills
Private Garden2 Acres
CharacterFull bodied
Loyalty27 years
The Farm

She plucks more than 400kgs of leaves daily from her own garden, of which 80kgs are used to make fresh Ceylon black tea at our tea factory.

The Location

Nestled between the mountains of Morawak Koralaya in Matara, the Derangala Hills tea is delicately produced using only the best and fresh tea leaves which effuses a light brew that’s subtly sweet.

Other Farmers Who Are Committed

If you would like to help us support the farmers that contribute to making your cup of tea, get in touch with us.

Our Support For Them

We go the extra mile to show our farmers how much we care for them, through various projects and foundation programs. With CT, each cuppa you enjoy, makes one more happy farmer!

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