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Trace your tea

The Farmer’s Story

Trace your tea right back to the garden it was grown in and find out all about the farmers who tended to it with the utmost care.

The farmer M.W.


Since 2017, M.W.Thilakaratne has dedicated his time and effort to tending to his tea garden and supplying raw green leaves to CT Fine Teas. He owns 2 acres of land in the Nildiya Valley.

Family members : Four
Children : Two
Location : Nildiya Valley

Where it all begins

With an experience of over 15 years growing and gathering tea leaves, M.W.Thilakaratne has provided leaves to the Nildiya Valley factory from his 2 acre land for the last 3 years. Having lost half his arm at the age of 24 from an unfortunate accident on the wood-cutting machine, he has worked tirelessly ever since to ensure his children are educated and live a comfortable life. With the income from his produce, he was able to build a house and buy his own vehicle. M.W.Thilakaratne relies on the superintendent and staff at the factory to advise him on matters of his tea garden.

LocationNildiya Valley
Private Garden2 Acres
Character Full bodied
Loyalty3 years
The Farm

Approximately 650kgs of raw green leaves are plucked from his two-acre land daily. Once processed at our factory, 130kgs of tea leaves are used to make the black tea.

The Location

Bordering the gentle Nilawala River, tea produced from the Nildiya Valley produces a golden caramel brew when only the best leaves are used.

Other Farmers Who Are Committed

If you would like to help us support the farmers that contribute to making your cup of tea, get in touch with us.

Our Support For Them

We go the extra mile to show our farmers how much we care for them, through various projects and foundation programs. With CT, each cuppa you enjoy, makes one more happy farmer!

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